From Artistic Director/CEO, Todd Haimes: Our Mission

Posted on: March 13th, 2018 by Todd Haimes

Dear Audience Members and Supporters,

I’m happy to share that last week Roundabout’s Board of Directors adopted a refreshed mission statement, core values and a commitment to improve in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.

In recent years, Roundabout’s education programs and investments in new play development have grown dramatically. Both programs have expanded to the point that our board and staff felt it important to highlight these areas along with our founding mission of producing classics.

Additionally, while I know the culture at Roundabout like the back of my hand, we have never outwardly expressed our values until now. I am proud to share the guiding principles for every decision made by our artists, staff and leadership.

And, as diversity in all its forms becomes an overdue priority throughout the entertainment industry, Roundabout is making a long-term commitment to progress in this area and to create more inclusive experiences in our offices, classrooms and theaters.


Todd Haimes
Artistic Director/CEO

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