Interview with Teaching Artist Joe Doran

Posted on: October 17th, 2016 by Sarah Kutnowsky

Roundabout Master Teaching Artist Joe Doran has worked with Education at Roundabout for the past fourteen years. During the school year, Joe leads classroom and after-school residencies at Roundabout Partner Schools, and develops curriculum for the Theatrical Workforce Development Program. In the summer, Joe works with Student Production Workshop as the lighting design mentor.

Education Coordinator Sarah Kutnowsky spoke with Joe about his career and work with Roundabout.

Sarah Kutnowsky: Tell me a bit about yourself and your artistry.

Joe Doran: I’m a lighting designer. I started in Richmond, Virginia and I went to North Carolina School of the Arts. Then I spent a year in Richmond before my connections from school and working professionally brought me to New York.

SK: What’s your favorite part of working as a teaching artist?

JD: I love watching the students get it. I love seeing them do something that they enjoy, and then realize that they can make a career of it. One of my favorite things is seeing what they do after they leave our programs; a few of my students have gone on to study lighting in college. I feel like I had a part in that, which is great.

SK: Could you share a memorable lesson or moment from your time as a teaching artist at Roundabout?

JD: I think one of my best memories is a lighting design residency I did at a Roundabout Partner school. In the residency we were looking at lighting in paintings, so I took the students to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at the work of master painters like Rembrandt and de la Tour. Then we went back to school and the students recreated the original lighting the painter had when creating the piece. The students had to find similar costumes and props, positioned an actor, and pointed light at different angles around the subject. Then we took a picture and compared what they did to the original painting. That was really fun. Some of the students had never been to the museum before, and to see the real paintings- the students really liked that.

SK: Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

JD: As cultural diplomacy through the State Department and Stephen Petronio Dance Company, I’m going to Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand for five weeks. We’re also going to Eastern Europe; to Slovakia, Croatia, and Bulgaria. It’s going to be really fun.

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