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Posted on: October 8th, 2015 by Olivia O'Connor

Immerse yourself in the world of Ugly Lies the Bone with our list of five things to watch.

HBO: Documentaries: The Alzheimer's Project: Watch the Films: Caregivers


This multi-part, multi-platform HBO documentary covers Alzheimer’s Disease, which currently afflicts over five million Americans, from the perspectives of patient, caregiver, researcher, and physician. Across a documentary series, online videos, a book, and public education and outreach, the documentary and its surrounding programming seeks to explore research on and treatment of Alzheimer’s as well as the everyday experience of the people and families affected by the disease.


“End of an Era for Shuttle, and NASA”
CBS News

“High Joblessness in the Home of U.S. Space Flight”

60 Minutes

Ugly Lies the Bone takes place in Titusville, Florida, at the very end of NASA’s shuttle program, and, as playwright Lindsey Ferrentino writes, “the end of an era.” These two videos capture this recent history and its aftermath. The first, a brief video by CBS News, traces the history of the shuttle program and its place in American history and mythology – and explores the potential future of manned space flight in the United States. The second, a “60 Minutes” profile filmed nearly a year after the shuttle program’s end, discusses job loss in Florida following the shutdown. For more in-depth coverage of what the final shuttle launch meant for the US space program and the Florida economy, check out these Men’s Journal and New York Times articles.


“Pioneering VR”
A Film by Sebastian Sanchez

This film offers a primer on Virtual Reality through interviews with VR pioneer Tom Furness and other leaders in the field, including DeepStream VR co-founder Ari Hollander (throughout the run of Ugly Lies the Bone, audiences will be able to experience DeepStream VR’s program “Cool!” in the lobby of the Black Box Theatre). Furness (who first wanted to be an astronaut!) developed VR technology through the Department of Defense for 23 years before taking the technology outside of the military for new, public applications – for use in everything from exposure therapy to pain management to education.


“What If Pain Was a Verb?”
TEDx Bellevue

DeepStream VR’s Chief Medical Officer Alex Cahana discusses the medical field’s use of opiate painkillers and the options for safer, more sustainable pain management. To change our methods of pain management, he argues, we must also change our understanding of pain, from conceiving of it as a static symptom of injury to conceiving of it as an independent, active, and changeable state.


Ugly Lies the Bone begins plays through November 22 at our Black Box Theatre. All tickets to Roundabout Underground are general admission for only $25. For more information and tickets, please visit our website.





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