Which Winslow Are You?

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by Roundabout

Dickie Winslow (Zachary Booth), Ronnie Winslow (Spencer Davis Milford) Grace Winslow (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), Arthur Winslow (Roger Rees) & Catherine Winslow (Charlotte Parry). Photo by Joan Marcus.

Find out which member of the Winslow family you are most akin in Terence Rattigan's classic drama in our 'Which Winslow Are You?' Quiz.

Your idea of a perfect Saturday night is to:

A)     Go dancing with friends

B)      Read a book

C)      Go to the pictures

D)     Redecorate the house

E)      Curl up with a newspaper and a cup of tea


You are most annoyed by:

A)     Homework

B)      Gender inequality

C)      Liars

D)     Insensitivity

E)      Wrong doing


If you could pass any law, it would be:

A)     To make three-day weekends mandatory

B)      To make female representation a requirement in all areas of government

C)      Ban all homework

D)     Decree that once a year, men take over household duties

E)      Institute a cap on legal fees for families of modest income


What do you like to read?

A)     About the latest fashions and dance crazes

B)      I read all the time. I enjoy authors like Edith Wharton, Betty Friedan and Virginia Woolf just to name a few.

C)      I read too much in school, so I like to watch movies instead

D)     I read the life and style section of the newspaper religiously

E)      I enjoy reading the news, particularly the financial section


Do you like to dance?

A)     I live for it!

B)      I’ve been known to show people a thing or two about dancing

C)      No, I only danced when forced at school

D)     I used to be quite the dancer in my day, but that was some time ago

E)      Dancing seems like a frivolous pursuit to me. I leave that sort of thing to the young people.


Mostly A's = You are the dapper Dickie Winslow (Zachary Booth). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly B's = You are the headstrong Catherine Winslow (Charlotte Parry). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly C's = You are the carefree but sticky-fingered Ronnie Winslow (Spencer Davis Milford). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly D's = You are the warmhearted Grace Winslow (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly E's = You are the stubborn and persistent Arthur Winslow (Roger Rees). Share this on Facebook.


The Winslow Boy plays at the American Airlines Theatre through December 1. For more information and tickets, please visit our website.

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  1. Meredith Mayer

    December 1, 2013

    Great production and terrific acting! I knew the play so wasn’t completely thrown by the fact that I was provided with a non functioning hearing device. Do check your devices before offering them! Now I’m going to pick up a copy of the play and read what I missed. Meredith Mayer



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