The Understudy Playgoers Guide

Posted on: October 19th, 2009 by Education

UPSTAGE: Guides for Playgoers

For select productions, Education@Roundabout creates an issue of Upstage, a guide designed to enhance the theatre going experience. Each Upstage features interviews with the actors, designers and directors from the production as well as contextual information about the play itself and activities for use by educators.

The Understudy (0.8MB PDF)

Interview with the Director (800KB PDF)
Interview with Julie White (100KB PDF)
Interview the Playwright (250KB PDF)
Interview with the Set Designer (200KB PDF)
The World of the Play (250KB PDF)
Vocabulary (100KB PDF)

Activities (100KB PDF)
Activity: What makes something funny?
(40KB PDF)
Activity: How can we learn about setting and character through text analysis?
(40KB PDF)
Activity: Connections between Franz Kafka and Theresa Rebeck
(40KB PDF)
Activity: Clues in the dialogue from the play
(40KB PDF)
Activity: The power structure of your school (40KB PDF)
Activity: How we behave in different circumstances (40KB PDF)

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