2015 Award Season

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Congratulations to all our nominees so far this awards season!

Outer Critics Circle Award Nominations:

OCC_Logo135On the Twentieth Century - playing through July 5
Outstanding Revival of a Musical
Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical - Kristin Chenoweth
Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical - Peter Gallagher
Outstanding featured Actor in a Musical - Andy Karl
Outstanding featured Actress in a Musical - Mary Louise Wilson
Outstanding Director of a Musical — Scott Ellis
Outstanding Choreographer - Warren Carlyle
Outstanding Set Design - David Rockwell
Outstanding Costume Design - William Ivey Long

Into the Woods
Outstanding Revival of a Musical

Just Jim Dale
Outstanding Sole Performance

Read the full list of nominees.


Lucille Lortel Awards:

LortelAwards_Logo135Into the Woods
Outstanding Revival
Outstanding Choreographer - Lisa Shriver
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical - Ben Steinfeld
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical - Jennifer Mudge
Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical - Andy Grotelueschen
Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical - Emily Young
Outstanding Scenic Design - Derek McLane

Indian Ink

Outstanding Revival

Just Jim Dale
Outstanding Solo Show

Read the full list of nominees. 



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I’m pleased to announce the line-up for the fourth annual Roundabout Underground Reading Series. I’m thrilled to welcome these five exceptional writers – none of whom have yet had a professional New York production – to the Black Box Theatre in May. They are joined by a fantastic team of directors, including Gaye Taylor Upchurch (director of our 2014 Gala) and Daniella Topol (a frequent collaborator on readings and workshops).

The Roundabout Underground program has proven to be an invaluable addition to our season, and the Reading Series has been the first step for many of our previous Underground playwrights.

A limited number of FREE tickets to the reading series will be available to general public. Tickets can be reserved by emailing

Monday 5/4 @ 7pm


By Nathan Dame
Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Siblings Madison and Donald never had it easy in the foster care system, and the adult world isn’t much better. Donald is in over his head with a drug dealer, while Madison has finally hit bottom with her own habit and abusive boyfriend. She is close to giving up on life altogether when she finds hope in the form of two young Mormon missionaries. And while their way of life may not be what Madison thinks she wants, she is surprised to find they might be exactly what she needs to survive.

Tuesday 5/5 @ 7pm


By Dipika Guha
Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch

In a mythical European city pressed up against a communist state, it is natural that the business of beginning a new world involves forgetting the old one. But when you forget your wife to marry a ballerina with an artificial spine…and the ballerina forgets you to marry your fashionable wife…and then they both fall in love with the mechanic…suddenly, the ordinary rules of love are impossible to follow. This heightened and heartbreaking new comedy questions the laws that govern love, the physics of choosing a spouse, and the miracle of what endures.

Wednesday 5/6 @ 7pm


By Jenny Rachel Weiner
Directed by Kip Fagan

Samantha is lonely and confined to her bed. Layne is shy and too afraid of the world to journey into it. When both women decide that online dating might be the outlet they need, they venture into the wilds of the Internet and find deep connection in each other. The only problem: they’re each pretending to be someone else. What happens when the feelings are real but the people are not?

Thursday 5/7 @ 7pm


By Amy E. Witting
Directed by Daniella Topol

Most one-night stands end with a walk of shame. This one ends with a lockdown. Last night, Boston-dwellers Sean and Lucy drank their sorrows away together after the bombing of the marathon put the city on edge. They never expected to see each other again, let alone get stuck in Sean’s kitchen making small talk while police search for the suspects outside. A couple of strangers and a very strange circumstance make for a surreal morning that the pair will never forget.

Friday 5/8 @ 7pm


By Brian Otaño
Directed by Stephen Brackett

Max and Peter are models of 21st century urban coupledom: independent, successful, and not completely sold on monogamy. Their friends Clark and Glenn have been in an open relationship for years, but Max and Peter are only now coming around to the idea that the best combination of sex, intimacy, and love may come from more than one partner. Enter Fever, an uber-critical, eerily prescient mobile dating app that changes their relationship in a matter of phone taps. When Max and Clark are offered a major career opportunity in Texas, the two couples must decide whether their professional and romantic relationships can withstand the trials of distance. A contemporary love story about fidelity, maturity, and the masochism of online dating, Zero Feet Away explores whether the direction of progress is best guided by endless choice or singular commitment.

A limited number of tickets to the reading series will be available to general public. These tickets can be reserved by emailing

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Playwright selected for Student Production Workshop

Posted on: April 7th, 2015 by Roundabout


We are pleased to announce that 17‐year‐year senior at Repertory Company High School Darleny Suriel will pen a world premiere play for the ninth annual Student Production Workshop, under the mentorship of Elizabeth Dunn Ruiz.

Student Production Workshop (SPW) is a student‐run theatre company. By creating and driving their own theatrical productions, SPW re‐engages kids with their current education.

The world premiere Student Production Workshop production is performed Sunday, August 9 at 2:00pm & 7:00pm and Monday, August 10 at 2:00pm & 7:00pm at the 62‐seat Black Box Theatre in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. Tickets are FREE. The public reading of the first draft is on Monday, May 11.

The 2015 SPW company includes: playwright Darleny Suriel (Repertory Company High School), director Maury Mayen (Repertory Company High School), assistant director Khadim Diop (Repertory Company High School), managing director Fernando Mota (Curtis High School), stage manager Kimberly Aragon (Repertory Company High School) and production manager Brittany Bencivenga (Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School).

Student Production Workshop participants are under the mentorship of a team of Roundabout Professional Teaching Artists and staff: Kim Oria (producer), Jason Jacobs (directing), Jennifer Varbalow (sets), Deanna Freiman (costumes), Joe Doran (lighting), Nick Moore (sound) and Leah Reddy (marketing).


Education at Roundabout’s SPW is a student‐led theatre company modeled after Roundabout’s professional theatre production process. Students register at the beginning of the school year, and participate in workshops and attend Roundabout productions throughout the fall and winter. In October, students apply for leadership positions (Artistic Director, Assistant Director, Managing Director, Production Manager, and Stage Manager), and once they are selected, they lead the ensemble through a series of workshops and show visits. To enhance their leadership skills, the student leaders meet with their counterparts at Roundabout throughout the process. They also meet artists from all Roundabout mainstage productions. The participants, who hail from all five boroughs, are offered a safe environment to create art that interests and excites them.

Playwright participants work with SPW throughout the year. In the fall participants meet once a week for two months and participate in a series of workshops to build their playwriting skills, followed by a five‐session playwright intensive, during which they write a scene or one‐act play. The playwrights then submit their finished pieces to the SPW leaders, who direct and produce a reading, giving the playwright’s a chance to hear their work out loud and get feedback from the audience.

After the winter reading participants are invited to interview and present an original idea for a play to the SPW producer and playwright mentor to be considered as the final Student Production Workshop production. Once a playwright is selected, they work with the playwright mentor to create their original play.

In May the SPW leaders produce a reading of the first draft of the play, allowing the playwright to hear the play out loud with actors and an audience. After the reading, the playwright takes the feedback and works with the mentor to edit and finish their play. The leaders than lead the full company of actors and designers— chosen through an audition and interview process —through several months of rehearsal, leading up to a final performance. The full SPW company of actors, designers, and technicians are chosen in June to rehearse and produce the play. While mentored by education staff, the students are solely responsible for all artistic and managerial decisions through the production process.

Learn more about Education at Roundabout.


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